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It has been a Slow Month so lets get Gutter Cleaning

Well, car enthusiasts it has been a slow month. I hope you have all had a good Christmas. I did, in fact I still feel bloated now. I have avoid buying and selling cars for a while, hence the low post counts recently.

Instead I have been focusing my attentions on a bit of DIY. Firstly my gutters were a right mess. I borrowed a ladder from my neighbour (thanks Chris) and got up there to try and fix it.

Not a good idea! I was completely unprepared and it was just plain unsafe. So I asked around for a good company that does gutter cleaning in Altrincham. I soon got a couple of recommendations and chose a company that charged me a fair price and did a great job. They also do roof cleaning to a high standard too.

I kept Chris's ladder and went up to inspect the work afterwards and it was perfect. There really is no point in trying this sort of thing on your own.

Anyway gutter cleaning was about the most exciting thing that happened this month before Christmas. My new year resolution is…
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Preparing your car to sell

Selling a car sounds simple doesn't it? But there are some things you need to keep in mind, such as how to get the best price, the rules and regulations and negotiating. These tips may help you to sell your car quicker and for a higher price.

1. Clean the vehicle Really Well
Sounds obvious doesn't it, but many people just give their vehicle a quick once over. When I used to work at a Lancashire used cars dealer we always thought more of cars which came in to us in pristine condition. It is not just the fact that the car is clean and therefore less work for us. A really clean car is an indication of how well the vehicle has been looked after.

When we saw a car that had crumbs in the seats it was a red light that the person didn't care too much and there could be stains or hidden problems. It also made us question whether the owner was the sort of person that neglected other things like checking the oil and regular servicing.

So my advice is to spend a good 2 hours doing the …

Sell Your Car Quickly at the Sell My Car Shop

A car owner knows how hard it can be to get rid of a car that is no longer functioning properly. He may choose to trade it in to a dealer, or he may decide to sell it through private channels. When someone wants to sell his car, he needs to have the title. He will also need to decide if he is going to keep the plates he has or get new ones. He may choose to have the person buying the car transfer the plates. If he has a vanity plate, he will probably decide to keep the plate and transfer it to his next vehicle.

When you decide to sell your car through a private deal, you need to make all the arrangements with the newspapers, the online sites, and any place else you want to advertise your car. The owner may also choose to put up the venerable for sale sign in the car window. The for sale sign is the least effective method, but it does occasionally attract the attention of passersby.

The process of selling a car is a patience game. An individual should not be in a hurry to get rid of it…